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Liquid Video Technologies, Inc. has had the opportunity over the last 14 year to see the birth of some amazing technologies. From analog camera with poor resolution to high quality digital mega pixel cameras that see in the dark,  has well as in the light,  VCR video recorder to state of the art networked web accessible DVR and NVR.

Technology (VCR’s, DVR’s and NVR’s)

DVR’s allow our customers to replace their multiplexors and time-lapse VCRs with a surveillance solution that is both hassle-free and easy to use.  Instead of constantly replacing videotapes and having to fast forward and rewind through hours of recordings to find what you want, a DVR stores the video to a hard drive, and allows you to search for it by entering the date and time you desire.  You can also view your cameras over the internet, allowing you to check on your business while at home or on the road.  The DVR’s we provide are unique in that they are powered by Linux rather than Microsoft Windows.  Linux is more stable, less likely to crash, and is immune to almost all known computer viruses.

NVR’s – A Network Video Recorder is a device for storing digital CCTV images on an IP network. The NVR is therefore a networked computing device and benefits from this in such aspects as location (which is independent of camera or control room location), security and network access and functionality. Put simply this means NVRs can be written to and read simultaneously thus allowing the viewing and analysis of one stream of video while another stream is being written. Commonly equipped with hot-swappable additional storage, NVRs are easily scalable and their contents can be subject to the back-up, recover and disaster recovery regimes that already exist on the IT network that they share.

Our Service Plan

Security Technology today is only as good as the service plan that comes with the devices installed on the customers end. This is why we offer a 1 to 3 Year Warranty on the DVR Surveillance units and 3 Year on Cameras that we install. We also guarantee our labor for 1 Year. The support after the sale is just as important as the initial products and services, then LVT should be primary source for all your security and IT needs.

Liquid Video Technologies, Inc. is here to serve you and we understand that installing a Digital Video RecordersCamerasAlarm Systems and Networking are not a onetime proposition. Service is critical to the continued operation of your equipment and business. Since we are a technology company and our markets are dynamic, we are here to support your needs for today as well as those of tomorrow.

Article By: Lance Roberts

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