We understand contractors.

The majority of contractors carry out through contracting processes whereby the construction firm wins the contract to complete work in exchange for money. We can help better optimize the results when dealing with the role of contractors and subcontractors in making the work process drive through smoothly. Being a contractor is similar to being a business owner, which would likely be paid more for work than being a worker because of the effort of finding customers. Therefore, any profit from contract work belongs to the contractors involved.

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What does it mean for you?

Custom IT work to provide the best quality is what we strive for. Meeting a deadline is what we aim for. Quality is more important to receive for our clients hands-on with no problem. With our 80+ years of contracting, technical, and safety service knowledge, we know what is best for our clients to give great technical support for them in the long run. We specialize in video surveillance, fire installation, access control, security systems, and audio/video we do this in order to provide a safe and secure turn-key solution for homes or businesses. Click the button below to receive a free quote today from an LVT specialist.

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Fire Safety

Having the state of the art Firelite Alarms by Honeywell will give you a sense of security throughout each day.

Our LVT specialist knows how to get your home, office, or shop securely with workable fire alarms in case something has caught fire. We understand that the protection of your loved ones or colleagues is more important than anything. Having on-hand technicians ready to assist you when you call, is of the utmost importance in our company.

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Access Control

The advantage of working with LVT.

Working with Liquid Video Technologies will give you the best access control in the Upstate. Knowing you are needing more security to protect your home, office, or shop is what we strive for. Our access control apps give you views of all your web cameras, garage door, building temperature, room lighting, and alarm system control so you know your buildings are in safe hands when you are not around. Needing a free quote to get you started, click on the button below and one of our LVT specialists will contact you in no time.

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Networking Infrastructure

The advantage of working with LVT.

Liquid Video Technologies has you covered here. Network infrastructure is needed to keep up the connectivity, communication, operations, and management of a company. This could also expand your business into a corporation. LVT specialist works closely with other subcontractors to assure the data infrastructure is fully functional and ready to support your operations and the demands of your clients.

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Contractors, alarm, Fire Alarm Systems, Security Services, Video Cameras, Liquid Video Technologies, Greenville SC
Contractors, Leviton, Access Control, Temperature Scanner, Security Systems, Liquid Video Technologies, Greenville SC
Home Security, LVT, Security Systems, Automation, Contractors, Liquid Video Technologies, Greenville SC

Bonded, Insured and Licensed

Having the best proper insurance to secure contracts, is what we know best. We understand the issues with paying a specialist to add video cameras, fire alarms, automation equipment, or networking systems into your house or business with it not being protected by a bond. That is crucial for the overall safety of the company itself.

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Solutions to Fit Your Budget

Liquid Video Technologies offers solutions that are designed to secure your investment in people, equipment, inventory, and eliminate potential frivolous claims. Whether you need to secure a business location or your home, Liquid Video Technologies has a solution to fit your budget. If you need any additional information or would like to speak with one of our Security Specialists, please call (864) 859-9848 or email us at info@liquidvideotechnologies.com