The emergence of mobile security threats has been there over the past few years. Since mobile devices have become mini computers with complete top-level internet capabilities, the threat to these devices has increased. Many statistics today show that cellular security threats are the most widespread in the device market. Android, the largest cellular platform notes that up to 50% of users can be exposed to risk at any given time for various reasons. There are a number of deadly mobile security threat methods in 2019.


As the hacking attacks get more sophisticated, hackers have increasingly turned to phishing. Phishing is the process of soliciting information from especially via unsafe links. Mobile devices are some of the most threatened tools when it comes to phishing. This is because of the delicate nature of mobile screens. Not only is it easy to click on an unsafe link unintentionally, but it is also possible to fail to differentiate between safe and unsafe links. Mobile device users also spend more time on their machines than PC users. This is why phishing is a huge threat in 2019.

When hacking attacks are increasingly sophisticated, hackers are increasingly turning to phishing. Phishing is the process of requesting information from mainly through unsafe links. Mobile devices are some of the most threatened tools for phishing. This is because of the soft nature of the mobile screen. It’s not only easy to accidentally click on insecure links, but also may fail to distinguish between safe and unsafe links. Users of mobile devices also spend more time on their machines than PC users. This is why phishing is a big threat in 2019.

Wi-Fi and Spoofing network

One of the biggest threats with free WiFi is the hacker’s ability to position himself between your mobile and the access point. So, instead of talking directly to a hotspot, you are sending your information to hackers. Hackers will have all the access to all the information that you send like e-mails, telephone numbers, credit card information, business data, and so on. And once a hacker has all the information, they will have a field day.

Similarly, free WiFi is also a main source of insecurity. The network is also in the field of mobile devices. With so many networks scattered across the places, identity spoofing is easy, because they use fake access points. With increasing access to network comes to increasing phishing attacks, often created through cloned networks through several accounts. The victim ends up disclosing all the critical information and ends up losing his asset. There are tools that can help protect you from identity theft.

Exposing Data

In today’s world data is very critical, and on any mobile out there, users store their banking and financial information and personal information. So one has to be sure that someday you are more likely to lose this information. Data leaks occur as a result of installing an app that requires a confusing set-permissions or simply because they do not have clear permission. Most free apps often fall into this category. The user has to make sure that the app that he installs on his mobile is coming from a reputed source.


The world of mobile devices has seen many forms of malware. The current threat generation is spyware. This is a small program that tracks and store user information without their consent. Spyware programs are mostly used by malicious companies and individuals who benefit in certain ways of knowing the location of certain mobile users. Spyware is spread in the same way as other malware programs. Therefore, the best spyware is an ordinary antivirus program.

Wrong code

Bad cryptography is also the main source of insecurity. During the application development process, engineers may end up using bad coding techniques. In such cases, apps that are created can be unsafe and become a source of threat to all devices. Today app development requires compliance with modern cryptographic standards. Often when cryptography is badly used, the problem is usually a lack of time or financial resources to allow the complete application process. Application development needs to be done until finality. All processes involved in the development, including testing, must be carried out in accordance with modern requirements. Doing this can eliminate deficiencies in the code and make the application safer.

Responsible Development

The threat of social engineering is increasing. On mobile devices, many different strategies are used by attackers. The main strategies include using false information to try and get data from mobile users. Currently, hackers use inventive language to get a little of their personal information. They can do this for a long time and collect enough data to carry out attacks. Social engineering attacks have increased due to the many applications and communication platforms.

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