Surveillance is one of the biggest ways to secure your business. Having security cameras set up can help protect your property, clientele, and your employees. It’s an easy installation that saves you time and money by saving on long investigations. This article will tell you all the different types of surveillance systems out there and how they are meant to work best for your business. Basically, this is a must-read for anyone in the field of security or those that want to know more about this subject.

Sensors play a huge role in how CCTV surveillance system cameras work. There are two different sensor types: visible spectrum and IR. There are two different types of visible spectrum sensors: 1. “Magnetic” detectors and 2. “Infrared” detectors. Magnetic detectors pick up on disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field. These disturbances can be caused by metal passing by the sensor at high speeds, such as a passing car or truck, a moving object, or even a person walking by the sensor’s area of effect. This sensor is useful for placing them in areas where people pass very quickly by and at the most, they need to be placed 50 feet away from any major door or opening. IR detectors sense objects by how hot they appear to the camera. This detection method is not as good as magnetic but can be useful if you place sensors in an area where there is a lot of ambient heat. “IR” detectors are good for a point in a direction that you expect the highest amount of traffic to pass through. You can also use this system for entryways or exits.

Video Surveillance is a great way to watch over your business remotely. No matter where you are on the planet, you can watch over your business from any computer with an internet connection. The installation of video surveillance can cost much more than that of a basic surveillance system, but it is well worth the price. It’s worth the price because of the safety and the protection it provides for your business, which in the long term can save you money. Surveillance can prevent criminals from breaking in, often criminals target places with low to no security. Security cameras can also provide proof of inactivity if an employee is not present. Even if an employee is present and there is no suspicious activity reported then you have proof that he was not involved with anything illegal. Also, video surveillance can capture images of a person trying to break into your business, and when they do it will show them on camera doing it.

Video camera recording equipment can be installed in a variety of ways depending on your needs. There are two basic installations that most businesses have. The first is a standalone system. This is a video surveillance camera with a recording device and an automatic file-server backup to your computer. The second type of video system is also called a standalone system, but it is also called an IP camera system because it has an internet connection as well as a device that connects to the internet and records. IP cameras use the same technology as television broadcast systems since both can stream live images from one location to another using the internet.

Video surveillance systems provide the most protection to your business, especially when they have an IP camera system. It is commonly used to watch over a business with many entrances and exits, such as a mall, bank, or department store. IP cameras can use a computer program that auto-detects movement and sends an email alert of activity that is sent to you immediately. The alert can be email or text message depending on what kind of software you choose for your system.

Setting up security can be a bit of a task especially if you have a lot of cameras to install. You need to make sure that the cameras are set up correctly so they can see what needs to be seen, and are installed in an area that is free from obstacles. If a camera is knocked over or something similar happens and it cannot see what you want, it will not be able to protect your business. It’s also important for your system to be properly monitored. You don’t want a large company breaking into your business because they think it’s just one camera watching over them.

Installation can be quite a job to get done especially if you do not know what you are doing, Liquid Video Technologies is an expert when it comes to installation. We professionally install and wire security. Also, proper maintenance is very important. If you have cameras and sensors and they are not properly maintained they cannot protect your business. You need to check on them often and make sure that they work properly, if one goes down then you need to replace it right away.

That is why working with a professional like Liquid Video Technologies will benefit you, we can do all of these tasks for you saving time and money, and protecting your business.

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