Why Security Technology Is Worth Your Investment


As the American economy pulls itself out of the recent recession, many businesses continue to work within limited budgets. While tightening their belts, small businesses are simultaneously combating the increased crime that comes with financial downturn. Here are a few key tactics for maximizing both cost efficiency and safety.

Deterrence is one of the most effective loss-prevention tactics. Whenever a would-be shoplifter or an employee is dissuaded from stealing, a business saves resources on lost merchandise, investigation time and litigation costs. Help ensure employees and shoplifters always have your security systems in the back of their minds by having versatile security equipment, including the following:


As cameras continue to grow in popularity, people must think twice about what they do anywhere they are in public. In stores, video surveillance reminds employees and shoppers that they may be watched – and a second thought can make the difference between a stolen item and a purchased one.


Signs are a low-tech, low-cost way of letting the pubic know security is on the job. They can communicate that shoplifters will be prosecuted and that video surveillance is being used. It is another inexpensive way to give people that second sobering thought.

Emerging Technologies

Here are some of the latest technologies to consider as solutions for your business to stretch dollars and save you time.

Updated Video Cameras.

Video cameras are becoming smaller, smarter and easier to install and upgrade. The biggest advancement of late is networked Internet protocol (IP) cameras. These cameras have their own IP addresses and can be plugged into your network.

Video from IP cameras can be accessed directly from the Internet for management and remote visibility. IP camera systems are more versatile and scalable, and they can download updates that extend their functionality. Oftentimes these cameras also produce higher-quality images, which can help make identifying suspects or providing convincing evidence easier than ever.

Digital Recording.

Most law enforcement officials will tell you how much they rely on recorded images to solve crimes. Those same officers will also tell you how frustrating poor-quality video can be or how exasperating it is searching through hours of archives. Old VCR systems are certainly no longer ideal. Digital recording has improved both quality and the image-retrieval process.

Remote Monitoring.

Using an in-house network or the Internet, video can be recorded by cameras and then sent to another location, where it can be analyzed and stored. Owners or management can also view live video at any location from anywhere in the world by using a password and a secure connection.

Mobile Security Management.

Even when out of the office, mobile security management enables business owners and managers to control security systems remotely. Advanced security systems have applications for smartphones and tablets that help keep you in control wherever you are. You can receive email or text-message alerts, remotely arm your intrusion system and change user codes to help ensure people are safe and the building is secure.

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