Fire Alarms and Safety

Almost all municipalities apply their own regulations for fire protection. This means that your businesses participation is most likely not an option.  Cities and County inforce their codes because fires are deadly, not only to your employees and customers, but also to your business. With that in mind we’ve put together an over view of options you can do to help protect your business.

Manual Fire Alarm Systems

If you or your employees discover a fire at your place of business there are things you can do. Break the glass stations or pull stations alarms (like the ones at school buildings) can directly notify the local fire department. These stations will also most likely activate horns and strobes to warn employees and customers to leave your business. You can also use fire extinguishers (if safe) to help put out a small fire before it escalates.

Fire Detection System that are Automatic

As much as you may want to be, you can’t be in every part of your business all day, every day. That’s the reason why you need an automatic fire detection system. Sensors activated by heat and/or smoke can trigger PA announcements, integrated lighting and signage that will help accelerate an evacuation. In some cities and counties local laws require a sprinkler system for your business, the sensor will active them.

Use a Central Monitoring Station

Sometimes you can’t count on your neighbors to call the fire department, so it makes sense to have professionals monitor your fire system. Very much like the signal received from a burglar alarm system, off site monitoring stations receive a signal from the fire system panels and rapidly notify first responders.

  • Failure to comply local city or county codes can lead to a fire marshal shutting down your business for as much as 30 days or more.
  • It’s been estimated that about twenty five percent or more of all businesses never reopen after a fire or major disaster. Some businesses that actually survive still lose valuable customers and employees during their recovery.
  • As with all part of your security system (video surveillance, burglar alarms, and so on), we strongly advise a maintenance agreement with a respected vendor (fire suppression) to regularly inspect and service your system.

By Lance Roberts

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