If you are a manufacturer you are invited!

This workshop will be a lunch and learn for all manufacturers in South Carolina. RSVP By clicking this LINK or go to SCMEP for more info on the event.

April 21 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm


Through this workshop, you will be provided with real-world information that you can utilize to review your IT systems, technology, and compliance to take your next steps toward Industry 4.0. Together, we’ll explore concepts like API, Two-Factor Authentication, Cloud Computing, SAAS, EOL, PCI, REST, and other terms, which will be explained in an easy-to-understand format, allowing you to assess your systems for the ability to integrate, automate or connect via an API.  Furthermore, you will learn about other potential hazards and pitfalls that can potentially harm your business and your manufacturing processes.

In addition to all this, industry experts from different applications will explain and provide real-world examples of what new automation, applications, integrations, and compliancy you need to increase efficiencies and productivity and provide real-time data and true automation of your systems.


Here is the agenda for the workshop, who will be presenting, and how long each presentation should last.


Workshop Agenda

Understanding your Technical Systems, (30 minutes)

Presenter: Deveren Werne, Mojoe.net and TSVMap.com

Compliance, (20 minutes)

Presenter: Doug Kim, Kim and Lahey Law Firm

New Advancements in ERP’s, (20 minutes)

Presenter: Jeremy Potoka, SWK Technologies

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Platform, (20 minutes)

Presenter: Luis Gasparini, BigCommerce

Evolving Shipping Automation, (20 minutes)

Presenter: Gregory Ahneman, Acutane