SAN JOSE, Calif. — Johnson Controls announces the release of the IQ Panel 4, a new model of the Qolsys IQ Panel improving on the IQ Panel 2 Plus.

The all-in-one IQ Panel 4 delivers industry leading connectivity and reliability on LTE, WIFI, Z Wave, Bluetooth, PowerG, and legacy security wireless and includes a highly integrated and powerful IoT processor from Qualcomm, according to the company.

The 7-inch HD touchscreen has an upgraded 8MP panel camera with Flex-Tilt to adjust camera angle for disarm photos, peek-in and alarm videos.

The new Quad Sound speaker system allows music streaming over Bluetooth, and SmartMount installation system provides easy wall or table stand mounting options, including the new IQ Base Table Stand Subwoofer. Dual-SRF featuring PowerG provides long range secure encrypted wireless with compatibility for legacy security wireless already installed in the home or building, according to the company.

“We fine-tuned every radio to improve range, installation time and provide a better user experience,” says Dave Pulling, Johnson Controls general manager and founder of the recently acquired Qolsys. “IQ Panel 4 builds its foundation on what we’ve learned over 10 years of hardware development, 32 software updates and listening to feedback from our customers.”

The panel enjoys extensive integration with Alarm.com interactive services providing residential, SMB/commercial, wellness, builder and MDU/multifamily support all with a single panel and app.

“We’re excited to see Qolsys continuing to drive innovation in security hardware with the IQ Panel 4,” says Daniel Kerzner, Alarm.com chief product officer. “Focusing on enhanced security and streamlined installations, we believe the IQ Panel 4 paired with Alarm.com services will deliver an integrated and exceptional experience for service providers and end users.”

The IQ Panel 4 is in soft launch now and will be available to North American dealers this summer and to international markets through the end of 2021.

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