Did you know that about 100,000 fire outbreaks occur in commercial properties every year? A significant percentage of these cases happen in business premises without fire alarm systems. Triggers that could cause a fire in commercial settings include electrical malfunctions, faulty appliances, or human activities, such as cooking in restaurants.

With a fire alarm system, you can detect and stop a fire before it gets out of control. Here is why you need fire alarm systems in your business.

Keep Your Employees and Clients Safe

As a business owner, you have a duty to keep employees and clients safe on your business premises, and you can do this by installing the right security systems. You don’t want to risk their lives in the event of a fire outbreak.

Nothing could be as frustrating as having your employees trapped in your property during a fire. Fortunately, fire alarms ensure the occupants vacate the building on time. Some advanced systems can even notify the people of a part of the building where the fire originated from to avoid confusion.

Moreover, you can integrate fire alarms with access control systems. Hence, when the alarms go off, your access control systems will automatically unlock doors to allow people to run out.

You can also sync the fire detection systems with elevators. When the alarms go off, the elevators will be recalled. The alarm systems will deactivate the controls of the elevators to stop their regular service. You can incorporate your fire alarms with the other security systems to mitigate the risk and impact of a fire outbreak.

Protect Your Property

Business owners lose millions of dollars yearly in fire accidents. Thus, it is vital to protect your property from such hurdles. The fire alarm systems will go off when they detect a fire, notifying you to respond quickly.

The system consists of numerous sensors that detect smoke, heat, motion, carbon monoxide, and early signs of a fire. Some alarm systems come with sprinklers that could help control the fire before professional firefighters arrive.

Ensure you install enough fire and smoke detectors and buzzers to avoid missing an alarm. For example, every floor and high-risk space, such as the kitchen, should have an alarm. Security system installation specialists can help identify the best places on your property to install them.

Avoid Legal Issues

All commercial properties are required to install fire detectors and firefighting equipment. Thus, a fire alarm system can help you avoid legal issues. If your company experiences a fire outbreak and you didn’t have the right equipment, you can be held liable. Your insurer might also reject your claim and you might be required to compensate the injured individuals.

The systems should be working at all times. Hence, you should get regular fire equipment inspection services to ensure they are in good shape.

Minimize Business Interruptions

A fire outbreak can significantly affect your business operations. This is because you will be forced to stop operations until you construct or repair your property and get new machinery or inventory. However, when you detect and stop the fire at an early stage, your business can run smoothly.

Ensure you maintain your fire alarm system because a faulty alarm could also interrupt business. For instance, the system can give a false alarm, forcing you to evacuate the building until the fire department can inspect it. Business interruptions can make you lose huge amounts of money, and thus you need to avoid them at all costs.

Fire accidents could cause loss of lives, property damage, and business failure. At All Pro Security, Inc., we offer quality commercial and residential fire alarm systems and other security solutions to protect your property. If you need reliable security systems, contact us right away.

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Article Provided By: All Pro Security