Ever found yourself needing to know how IP addressing works? How do we connect multiple computers by Ethernet cables? What is a network switch and why do I need one? Do you have any questions about the basics of computer networking, then this blog post is for you! Read on to understand how networks work and how computer networking can help your business.

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Computer networking is an exciting science that has the ability to help any business greatly. This blog post will explain why computers can be such a valuable asset for your business and how computer networking helps your business in many different ways such as improving performance, securing information, and creating a better work environment. Computer networking is involved in everything. It is the main source of communication for everything that we do. It allows us to connect to the internet and it allows us to connect multiple devices together so that they can communicate with each other or even share information and files between them.

The internet is a distributed, decentralized computer network where computers communicate with each other through various methods such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet cables, or satellite signals. We can connect to the internet in multiple ways depending on what we want to do. For example, if we just want to watch YouTube videos then all we need is a Smartphone and an internet connection from our phone service provider. If you are an online gamer, then you will need either a computer or a gaming console with an Ethernet cable that goes into your modem/router so that you can play games with other players who have computers or gaming consoles. What is a Network Switch?

A network switch is a device that connects multiple devices together on a network. For example, let’s say you have 4 desktop computers in your office and you want to connect them all together so that they can share information with each other so that it will be easier for these 4 computers to complete a task or project. We could do this by using an Ethernet cable and plugging it into the back of each computer. Alternatively, we could buy a switch that has 4 Ethernet ports on it and place it in the middle of our office. This way, all 4 computers can connect to the switch and they will be able to share information with each other. Then they can do their tasks at the same time because they are all connected to one network switch. Each computer needs to have an Ethernet port or a network socket on it in order for us to be able to connect them together via an Ethernet cable. In addition to connecting multiple computers, switches are also used for increasing the speed of a network. To explain this further, let’s say you live in a town with many houses and each house has a LAN cable that connects to the internet which is owned by your ISP (internet service provider). Your house is connected to the LAN cable and it has an Ethernet port on the modem/router in your house. If the modem/router in your house only has one Ethernet port on it and you have 3 other family members who also want to connect to the internet then you will need to buy a switch. The way that a switch works is that it has multiple Ethernet ports on it. Instead of plugging your modem/router into the internet through an Ethernet cable, you can instead plug it into a switch.
Then, you can plug each family member’s computer into the switch. This way, everyone can share the same internet connection because they are all plugged into the same switch. The switch is a cheaper option because instead of paying for multiple internet connections you are only paying for one internet connection. A network switch is used to share an internet connection

with multiple computers and devices

In addition to connecting multiple devices together and increasing speeds, switches are also used for security reasons. We will talk more about security in a different article. Overall this is one of the many benefits of Computer Networking and there are many more.

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