I had the great honor yesterday to speak at the InnoVision Forum on Computer Hacking Liability – Are You At Risk?.

We put together a presentation on our patent pending Firewall called “The Wall”. I have included that presentation in this post. Here is a look at the presentation:

What is PCI Compliance? PCI Compliance is now required for all business no matter how large or small.

Myths About PCI

•I can wait until my bank asks me to be PCI compliant.
•I don’t use a POS system I don’t need to be compliant.
•The software I use is PCI Compliant
•PCI is a law created by the credit card companies.
•The fines or fees are not that expensive.
•There is no state or federal regulation.
Hacking – Cyber attacks are on the rise.
PCI Presentation for InnoVision Forum on Computer Hacking Liability – Are you At Risk?

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