Access control is a great way to control security at your place of business, so that only certain people can get into areas of your company. Access control is important to add in to your company’s security plan because it helps limit the damage in case of a break-in. It also adds a layer of security for you and your employees, so that if someone does gain access, they’ll not be able to get past access control.

Do I Need It?
This is the question that many business owners are asking themselves. You see, cost is always a factor in deciding whether or not you should invest in security measures for your company. And it can be very expensive . It can be a significant investment on its own, without also having to purchase security cameras and other technologies for your business.

So again the question comes up: Do I need it? The answer is yes. As mentioned above, access control protects your business from criminals gaining access that they shouldn’t have. Also protects the inside of your business, it gives you the ability to know when and where your employees go inside the building. Putting access control in place helps protect you from liability for employees that have gained access to the wrong areas of your business, and will protect your company from potential lawsuits. So it is a great investment and is highly needed for some business.

There are a couple of different ways that you can install access control into your company. One way is to have a door entry system that you place on your exterior doors so that when an employee or visitor comes to the door, they’ll have to use a code. You can either program this code in, or allow the employee or visitor to use an ID card with an RFID chip in it. When they swipe the card, the reader will verify their identity and then tell you that it’s OK for access. This will provide a layer of security and make sure that only the people you’ve allowed can gain access to your business.
Another way to install access control is with key management. You’ll have a master key system in place at your building, where you’ll have several keys that can open all of the doors around the building (you can have several different locks on each door if you want).

Access control is one of those security measures that is good to have, but not necessary for all companies. If you’re interested in installing access control at your company, contact us here at Liquidvideotechnologies.com and we’d be happy to help.

IN CONCLUSION:  Again we are trying to get the message out that security should be taken seriously by all people who own a business (small or large), or work in any sort of environment that needs to maintain their security and the security of the people they work with and access control is a great tool for security.


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