A home should be secure.

More than 1.5 million burglaries were reported in the United States in 2016. The estimated number is 19.1 percent of property crimes, according to the FBI, proving just how easy it is for burglars to gain entry into homes.

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Security for your home

Safety, security, and comfort solutions for your homeHome security systems have changed a lot in the past 20 years due to a rapidly changing internet and advancements in wireless technology.

Homeowners now have digital management capabilities for their home that was once only available in commercial applications for a premium price.

Different families, different needs. When you meet with Liquid Video Technologies about your home’s security, you’ll notice we ask a lot of questions. This is the complete way we can design a system that is custom made for you and your home. One that addresses your biggest concerns. One that matches your lifestyle.

Full House Automation

From energy management to security of mind. The full automation of your home’s devices and systems is the wave of the future.

Already, these new, “smart home” technologies have made it to nearly every component of the home—from the lights to the thermostat—intelligent and automated. By linking these systems together with whole-home automation software from one of the top-of-the-line brands such as Lift Master, Leviton, and Alarm.com, you can experience home control like never before. All available to you by remote mobile control from one single application, allowing you to turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, and lower the shades all at the same time, wherever you happen to be. Or, you can create custom programs and settings, such as “Work” or “Vacation” that adjust all of the elements of your home for you while you’re away, either for just a few hours or for an extended holiday.


What does it mean for you?

Custom IT work to provide the best quality is what we strive for. Meeting a deadline is what we aim for. Quality is more important to receive for our clients hands-on with no problem. With our 80+ years of contracting, technical, and safety service knowledge, we know what is best for our clients to give great technical support for them in the long run. We specialize in video surveillance, fire installation, access control, security, and audio/video we do this in order to provide a safe and secure turn-key solution for homes or businesses. Click the button below to receive a free quote today from an LVT specialist.

Video Surveillance, Home Security, Liquid Video Technologies, Greenville, South Carolina

Bonded, Insured and Licensed

Having the best proper insurance to secure contracts, is what we know best. We understand the issues with paying a specialist to add in security cameras, fire alarms, automation equipment, or networking systems into your house or business with it not being protected by a bond. That is crucial for the overall safety of the company itself.
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Solutions to Fit Your Budget

Liquid Video Technologies offers solutions that are designed to secure your investment in people, equipment, inventory, and eliminate potential frivolous claims. Whether you need to secure a business location or your home, Liquid Video Technologies has a solution to fit your budget. If you need any additional information or would like to speak with one of our Security Specialists, please call (864) 859-9848 or email us at info@liquidvideotechnologies.com