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June 10, 2009 First Installation of Fire System for Bojangles Chain

Liquid Video Technologies has installed its first fire system for Bojangles Franchisee and we are currently working with other construction companies to begin installations for Bojangles Corporate.


August 1, 2008 Strategic Alliance with ASG

As of August 2008 Liquid Video Technologies and ASG also know as A Services Group have come together to offer combined services in janitorial, staffing, security, investigations, video surveillance, fire protection, access control, networking, structured wiring, voice/data, life safety, and interactive security.

This alliance is the culmination of hard work by Walter Glenn and his team as well as Shawn Parcell and Deveren Werne and their team. Our combined goal is to offer bundled services at a fair and competitive price to all of our customers.

We can provide on-site security personnel, integrated video surveillance, and interactive security. If there is an incident at the location, we can also offer investigative services in order to keep all your security matters confidential and secure.

With both companies working together, we can help major corporations small businesses meet their needs. Not only that, but also we supply janitorial and staffing services with fair and competitive pricing as well as background checks and EVP Employment Verification Program through department of Homeland Security.

We are certified by NICET, Linux, and the states of South Carolina and North Carolina for burglar and fire installation. This means we can handle all of your low-voltage wiring, access control, life safety, networking, and computer needs.


June 17, 2008 Lead Technician Steve Gardzalla acheives NICET Level II Certification

Liquid Video Technologies can now assist builders with all the challenges of assuring business owners have the best fire control systems available. Lead technician, Steve Gardzalla has achieved NICET certification level II and is licensed in the state of South Carolina for fire safety systems. Steve is present at each installation location to communicate his knowledge of fire systems to the owner and contractor. Liquid Video Technologies designs each fire system to meet or exceed NFPA rule 72 and the American Disabilities Act. Steve works directly with the local fire marshal to ensure the fire system meets all local requirements. This is critical in assuring the Certificate of Occupancy is issued by project completion.

Liquid Video Technologies offers maintenance alert and automatic detector test functions. Liquid Video Technologies and their trained fire safety technicians can also offer clients fire systems that are integrated or have stand-alone voice evacuation messages. They systems are designed to provide building occupants with specific, authoritative, calming and intelligible directions that will guide them to safe exits during an emergency. For these reasons and more, evacuation systems are now becoming a requirement in some jurisdictions for buildings that have public assembly of 300 or more.


May 28, 2008 Security Company Celebrates Growth with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Liquid Video Technologies celebrated their business growth on May 28th, 2008 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Located at 900 East Main Street in Easley, South Carolina, Liquid Video Technologies offers more than 90 years of service in video surveillance, security systems and internet business. For this reason, our company has expanded our offering to include custom solutions for, fire alarms and fire testing, home automation, home cinema, video conferencing, web hosting, web design, networking, and security systems including burglar alarms, access control and video surveillance/CCTV.

Liquid Video Technologies has years of experience, therefore allowing our staff the ability to recommend only the best and most reliable products, satisfying the most discriminating customers. Based on client needs, our staff will arrange the design of your system, whether it is an independent single-room installation or a whole house project requiring the integration of several technologies.

Liquid Video Technologies is dedicated to offering high level customer service and is paving the way with custom solutions for fire alarms and fire testing, home automation, home cinema, video conferencing, web hosting, web design, networking, and security systems including burglar alarms, access control and video surveillance/CCTV.

Pictured Above 2nd row from Left to Right: Easley Chamber Representatives; Pictured Above 1st row from Left to Right: Liquid Video Technologies Staff, Shawn Parcell (Owner), Catherine Smith, Deveren Werne (Owner), Jeff Dugan, Kevin Bell, and Steve Gardzalla.


December 12, 2007 HP Business Partnership

Liquid Video Technologies has been approved to be an HP Business partner as of December 12, 2007. This means that we will be able to offer our customers the lastest technology developed from HP as well as the best deals available!


December 1, 2007 Axis Partnership

As of December 1, 2007, Liquid Video Technologies now has a partnership with axis communications. The benefits of this partnership include customer and technical services along with technology and software training for our staff to ensure that we present our customers with the informaiton that they desire as well as the customer service that they deserve.


November 14, 2007 - Alarm Ordinance Watch Update

Several states have enacted new alram ordinaces in the last several weeks.

Marietta,GA They just enacted on Oct 1, 2007 residents and business here must obtain a free alarm system permit or pay a $100 fine. THe Marietta Police Department reports that, in 2006, they responded to 9,137 alram calls with two officers. Of those alrams, 98.6 percent were false resulting in 3,882 man-hours, or $135,872.00 wasted. The new ordinace requires alarm users to respond to the alarm within 30 mintue notification, and that the alarm companies maintain current contact information on their clients, including their user-permit numbers. The first two false alrams will be free, but alarms three through six will cost $50.00, alarms six through seven will cost $100.00, alarms eight through nine will cost $250.00 and 10 or more alrams will cost $500.00.

Owwaso, OK Police chief Dan Yancey is pleased that his city recently approved a false alarm ordiance, a project he'd been pushing for months. The ordinance, effective Nov, 1, is menat to reduce the number of human-caused false alarms. Yancey said that 99 percent of the 2,000 or so alarms transmitted to Owasso POlice each year are false, wasting 10 precent of the departments time. The new ordinance will require alarm companies to register with both city and Owasso police. Business and homeowners will be held responsible for their flase alram triggers, allowed two free false alarms, but on the thrid be subject to a suspension of alarm response service. Services can be reinstated if the alram owner fixes the problem and then writes a letter to Owasso Police. The fourth false alarm will cost the alarm holder a fine of $100.00, the fifth $200.00, and the sixth $400.00 within a 12-month period. Yancey said he was suprised at how receptive alarm companies were to the newly required permit, hoping to become more efficient in alarm response. "It's something that I didn't realize, " said Yancey, "but actually they welcomed the ordinance as much as we did."


October 24-27, 2007- SCEdTech Conference 2006 (SC Educational Technology)

This year Liquid Video Technologies attended the South Carolina EdTech Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC as the partner of CSI Technology Outfitters. The conference was a great success for Liquid Video Technologies; we gave away two custom made teacher gift baskets as our door prizes for the teachers and adminstrators that attended the conference. You can also view pictures of this event by clicking here.


September 24, 2007 - Completion of Projects with CSI Technology

As of September the 24, 2007Liquid Video Technologies has completed over 6 educational projects with our partenr CSI Technology Outfitters. We are working towards new and exciting opportunities with CSI and their resources to offer our combined solution to additional institutions.


April 4, 2007 - Partnership Excueted with CSI Technology

Liquid Video Technologies integrator and distrubtor executes a partnership with CSI Technology Outfitters that focus combined efforts to integrate survillance and security solutions for educational institutions.


May, 2006 - Entered Partnership with Microsoft

Liquid Video Technologies is proud to announce a blossoming partnership with Microsoft and the Microsoft Partner Program which will provide our employees with cutting edge developments from Microsoft and hte chance to be an active member in the developments of Microsoft software. For our customers, this program will help us as a team provide you with the newest solutions for all of your IT and Security needs.


January, 2006 - Entered Exclusive agreeement with Monkey Joe's

Liquid Video Technologies has developed an agreement with Monkey Joe's and Joe Wilen to provide our experience and expertise in survillance, security, networking and cabling to all Monkey Joe's fracnhise's. These services will be offered at our franchisee rate and be available to any Monkey Joe's franchise through out the country. Please see a testimonail letter from one of the founders of Monkey Joe's by clicking here.


May 3, 2005 - Standardization of Seagate Hard Drives

As of May 3rd 2005 Liquid Video Technologies will only use Enterprise Server Grade Seagate Hard Drives in the manufacturing of our SAINT DVR. We have chosen to use Seagate beucase of several reasons. The first is that they give a 5 Year Warranty on their hard driives and we past this on to our customers and resellers. The second is that the cost of the hard drive market has been reduced signafigantly and Seagate brings performance and relability to the table with their hard drives.